Does your home in Ashton Under Lyne have a south facing garden?

Buyers are attracted to a south facing garden for many reasons. While the value they add to your home may be negligible in the grand scheme of things, having a south facing garden is a top selling point that can create interest.

If you have a south facing garden, here is our view at Alex Jones about how desirable a house with a south facing exterior is to buyers in Ashton Under Lyne .

What is a South-Facing Garden?

The clue is in the name, but a south facing garden faces south! Normally, this means the back of your house faces towards the south pole. Many estate agents will market a home as south facing even if it points south-west or south-east, depending on the exact position of your home.

You can usually tell if your house is south facing if you have the sunlight in your back garden all day long or if a compass points south when you are in the garden. But, to know for sure, invite an estate agent round for a free valuation. They’ll be able to tell you whether it’s classed as south facing and, if it is, how much value it could add to your property.

Is a South Facing Garden More Desirable For Ashton Under Lyne Buyers?

A house with a south facing garden has many benefits and it’s certainly an attractive and desirable feature for many buyers in the Ashton Under Lyne area.

While a south facing garden doesn’t necessarily add value to your home, it’s a great selling point that can make your home more attractive and sell quicker, particularly since homes with a south facing garden provide benefits like:

  • More sunlight in the garden all day Perfect for sunbathing and kids playing outside
  • Opportunities for plants and vegetables With more warmth and sunlight all year round, you have more opportunities to grow vegetables and maintain exotic garden plants
  • Warmer garden and back-end of home Naturally, the garden is warmer with a south facing garden, and the back part of your home will stay warmer, too
  • Better for drying clothes on the washing line More sunlight means quicker air-drying times, which is perfect if your home doesn’t have space for a tumble dryer
  • Patios stay cleaner and require less jet washing Ideal for any buyers looking for a low maintenance home
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